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Displayways Expand Eco Product Range

Displayways has expanded its eco range of products after 6 months of research and development to include roll materials, fabrics, solid substrates and PVC free options.



Environmental History

Displayways has provided an Eco range of material substrates since 2009. In the early years it would be safe to say that the uptake was minimal and the cost high. Today both these factors have changed and we are able to deliver the higher standards required of an Eco aware marketplace in the form of an Eco range of materials at acceptable costs. Visit our Product page to find out more...



Recycling Service

Displayways offers a recycling service for those wishing to engineer in sustainability to projects. We can for example develop methods for our clients that allow the re-use solid substrates across several projects or re-use of part of the graphic assets. For more information contact us. Or visit our services page to find out more...

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