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Displayways offers a recycling service for those wishing to engineer in sustainability to projects. We can for example develop methods for our clients that allow the re-use solid substrates across several projects or re-use of part of the graphic assets. For more information contact us.


Recycling Statements from our approved contractor BYWATERS



“Your waste will be collected by one of our 40 Euro 6 compliant dustcarts patrolling the capital, meaning we’re just a phone call away whenever you need us. Once collected, your waste is brought to our head office to travel through our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where we process 2800 tonnes of mixed recycled material per week - creating 150 bales per shift. Within the facility we have the capability to separate your recycling in to 12 different waste streams. Our automated processes allow us to recover all of your uncontaminated recyclables. From here we are then able to produce high grade recyclate that can be reprocessed into new products. Going above and beyond, Bywaters has installed London’s largest retro fit solar panel array to our Material Recovery Facility in East London. In total, 4000 solar panels were installed, generating 97,000kwh per annum which is enough to power 225 homes for an entire year.”



“We understand that, unfortunately, not everything can be recycled. Some materials we use throughout our day to day endeavours will inevitably fall into non-recycling bins to be over looked when it comes to segregation. However, our dedicated team of client managers and Green Gurus will work with your organisation to create solutions, ensuring all waste ends up in the correct bin and recycling rates improve.

For the remaining non-recyclables, our solution avoids landfills, transporting your waste down the Thames to be used to create energy, keeping trucks off the road and emissions low.”


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