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Tension Fabric Systems

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Displayways offers an extensive range of high quality printable textiles for both display and Backlit applications ideal for indoor & short term outdoor applications. Available in widths up to 5m and suitable for printed UV curable inks and Dye sub fabric for lightbox applications.

In recent years we have developed a range of aluminium systems for both indoor and outdoor application plus also a flexible framing system to stretch fabric across wall & ceiling areas. The TFS System is a unique family of aluminium display profiles combining all the best properties of a textile graphics system. The flexible system offers the options to easily work around curved surfaces to create unique shapes again both indoor and outdoor.

Fab Grab Gripper System 

This system allows unfinished printed fabric to stretch across a frame by grabbing the edge there is no need for a finished silicon edge as with other systems and is the key to this innovative solution that saves time and money. It eliminates the need for additional finishing while still providing a flawless result.

Jonk System 

The system will allow the production of giant walls of stretched fabric which can be 5mtrs high and up to 30mtrs long with no joins, additionally curve shapes can be produced by forming the aluminium profile into shapes. 

Tension Fabric System Displays & Frames

Create branded, reconfigurable displays capable of adapting to any retail environment. Combining tension graphics and precision–engineered aluminium frames, the Tension Fabric System is a modular solution that adapts to your changing needs. Allowing for the insertion of bespoke graphics, brand visuals stretch across the surface of the frame, leaving no creases.Available in multiple depths, the Tension Fabric System can be tailored to meet your requirements and floor space and, can even be used to create ceiling hung tension fabric displays.

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