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Print Production & Fabrication

Displayways operates 3 factories, 2 in London and 1 in Guildford. The facilities include the PM and Management teams, 2 Studios housing artworkers and the pre-press departments, 2 Print Departments with every concievable type of large format print equipment and 2 finishing departments housing fabrication equipment, CNC machines and various hot and cold rollers for mounting, laminating and sealing printed products.

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Plan List Below

London Plant List 

• 8x mac stations
• pre press
• 2x 3m x 2m flat bed printers • 1x 3.2 roll media printer
• 4x 1.6 roll media printers
• 3x vinyl cutters
• 1x 1.6 dyesub printer
• 2x 3m x 2m cnc cutting beds • 1x 2m x 1.5m heat press
• 5x heat/cold rollers
• project management offices • installation logistics
• 40 staff 

Guildford Plant List 

• 7x mac stations
• pre press
• 2x 5m roll media printers
• 3x 3.2 dyesub roll media printers • 1x 3m flat bed printer
• 1x 20m welding machine
• 7x stitching & sewing stations
• 2x heat/cold rollers
• 1x logistics department
• 40 staff 

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