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Oddy Approved Products

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The Oddy test is a procedure created at the British Museum by conservation scientist William Oddy in 1973, in order to test materials for safety in and around art objects.

Materials may emit trace amounts of chemicals that can harm art objects over time such as acids and formaldehyde and other fumes can damage and even destroy delicate artifacts if placed too close.


Displayways has spent significant time and effort not to mention cost sampling and Oddy testing printing inks, print materials, vinyls and application materials to create a range of Oddy approved graphic solutions. We have for example on dedicated digital print machine running Oddy approved Inks. The materials include the following:


Digital Print Inks  /  Papers and Cards  /  Acrylic   /  Fabrics    
Print Board 2mm, 3mm, 5mm & 10mm   /  Mount Film  /  Lacquer Sealant 


Pass certification and material specifications are available on request but may be subject to the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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