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Rochester Railway Station

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Rochester is not a conventional railway station it boasts a beautiful art work that adorns the new Station windows which are 10m high and 40m wide. FrancisKnight public art consultancy were appointed by Network Rail and Medway Council to work with artist Dr Katayoun Dowlatshahi and Displayways on the Rochester Station Public Art Commission.

Katayoun’s inspiration is based on the history and architecture of Rochester, including the Cathedral and the Rochester Bridge Trust. The Station glass is wrapped with vibrant images that offer glimpses of Rochester’s greatest assets and create a sense of welcoming to passengers using the station.

Glass manifestations punctuate the doors and depict two seals that have been taken from a stained glass window in the Bridge Chamber.

Displayways sampled, tested and printed to specialist vinyl to create one of the largest window manifestations in the country. The print level required extensive testing to achieve the correct translucency, printing to optically clear vinyl and long life vinyl were tested and the image was then printed at an unusually high resolution for such a large piece. 


Artist: katayoun Dowlatshahi            Photography:  Richard Gooding

Commissioner: Network Rail and Medway council                                 Public Art Consultant:  FrancisKnight

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