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High Pressure Laminate

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Displayways manufacture one of the Worlds most durable graphic solutions and will Warranty the graphics for indoor and outdoor use.  In fact, our Tuffcover HPL (High Pressure Laminate) signs and graphics are "Graffiti Proof" and Guaranteed for 10 years against fading and weather deterioration. The graphics solution is applicable for signs and graphics for many city attractions, Heritage sites, national parks, bike paths, trails, and other recreation venues.  


Tuffcover HPL combines the most advanced graphic imaging with the proven durability of High Pressure Laminate. Using extreme heat and pressure, the final product is a permanent fusion of image and HPL that can never delaminate, separate, crack or peel. Tuffcover HPL signs and graphics are impervious to moisture, and are extremely resistant to UV rays, scratching, impact, cigarette burns and graffiti.

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