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Displayways Launch Tuffcover Embed 

The world’s first technology to embed ink inside solid surfaces.

After 2 years or research with partners in ink technology, print technology and coating technology Displayways brings Tuffcover Embed to the market.

Tuffcover embed provides stunning image quality for applications such as display panels, lecterns, signage, table tops and art pieces, for indoor or outdoor use. The Tuffcover surface is scratch resistant, can be cleaned with normal cleaning fluids and will last up to 7 years. The products are available in wood, aluminium, steel and MDF up to 2400mm x 1200mm.


The Clever Bit

Using dye-based inks, images and artworks are transferred into a specially-coated surface using heat and pressure. The ink is embedded into the coating on the solid surface. The display panels can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Print Permanence is 7 years indoors and out with indoor likely to last longer without fading. Extensive testing by all parties has been carried out on Tuffcover Embed panels. 

With unprecedented resistance to surface abrasion, high humidity, atmospheric ozone, and contact with water, Tuffcover Embed prints available in sizes up to 8x4 feet can be safely displayed without the need for framing under glass or acrylic, face-mounting, or surface laminating and will last 7 years in normal indoor and outdoor environments.



ALUMINIUM – panels are lightweight, durable, made with recycled material and 100% recyclable. They are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications.


EXTERNAL ALUMINIUM – for extended outdoor use. Provides the ability to take prints outdoors, or into direct sunlight with the image quality and durability. These UV resistant panels come in a variety of common sizes to serve the signage, display and outdoor photography markets. Available in white gloss.


MDF – offers the perfect combination of durability and longevity for creating and displaying beautiful, vibrant signage or artwork with a traditional look. 


HARDBOARD – panels are available in 3 mm and 6 mm thick board and provide superior image reproduction as well as scratch, abrasion and stain resistance.


STEEL – dry erase panels are specially formulated with a dry erase coating. They are easy to write on and wipe off and offer the ability to customize with logos, artwork or photography. Steel panels are not only magnetic, but also offer superior scratch, abrasion and stain resistance.


NATURAL WOOD – MDF base that has a maple grain laminate giving a natural wood look and feel. This makes it ideal for imagery with a difference.


Email for a sample pack or go to the Tuffcover Embed page link here for more information 

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