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Displayways Tuffcover wall graphics was originally designed to protect hospital interior walls from scratch damage and wear from daily cleaning.

Transform office, showroom, retail, museum and public spaces. Feature graphic walls and bespoke wall coverings have long been the staple of good architectural design, but with the common use of graphic wallpapers comes damage, dirt and disrepair.


Displayways Tuffcover range has a solution. Acrovyn by Design® Wall Coverings enable you to protect your walls and dress them at the same time. Graphics and photo quality images are embedded within a tough scratch and impact resistant covering designed specifically to prevent damage. Your feature walls can now stand up to daily wear and tear and can be easily cleaned.


The digital image is printed using the latest UV Curing technology combined with an Acrovyn® medium that was originally designed to protect hospital interior walls from scratch damage and wear from daily cleaning. Under exclusive licence from Construction Specialties, the manufacturers of Acrovyn®, Displayways can produce incredibly durable, high quality, full colour printed wall coverings.


Our Tuffcover range is engineered for lasting resistance to heavy use and regular cleaning. Once you have experienced the high performance scratch resistance of Acrovyn by Design® wallcoverings – nothing else will do. A Tuffcover wall incorporating graphics of your own design is incredibly long lasting and will not wear away.


Renowned for its durability and wide range of uses Acrovyn® protects interior walls, doors and corners against damage from pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

• Protect interior walls and use graphics at the same time

• Create visual experiences for your visitors

• Transform healthcare office, showroom, restaurant, retail and museum environments

• Embed any photo, graphic, artwork or branding

• Revitalise existing rooms, corridors and public spaces

• Eliminate high maintenance costs and repairs

• Free from PVC, PBTs and other harmful additives


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