Tuffcover Resin Flooring

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Displayways Tuffcover resin flooring developed in partnership with Sphere 8 is a unique new product. Made from natural biopolymers, delivering the highest standard in resin flooring, the floors are seamless, warm, soft to the touch and healthy to live with.

Transform office, showroom, retail and museum spaces with the first truly permanent graphic floor solution on the market. If you are looking to create an image floor with a bespoke flooring design, then Displayways Tuffcover and Sphere 8 resin technology is for you. We embed your image or design into the floor - permanently.


The ultimate in durability, Tuffcover resin flooring is engineered for lasting resistance to heavy use and high footfall. Once you have experienced a seamless resin floor – nothing else will do. A Tuffcover floor incorporating graphics of your own design is incredibly long lasting and will not wear away.


Digital image is printed using a special media and ink combination developed to work in conjunction with the crystal clear flooring resin. The image is then embedded into the middle of the resin flooring - a little like the filling of a sandwich. This method provides endless creative possibilities for creating bespoke permanent flooring. The only limit is the designer’s imagination.


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