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Tuffcover Embed is the world’s first technology to embed ink inside solid surfaces. Tuffcover embed provides stunning image quality for applications such as display panels, lecterns, signage, table tops and art pieces, for indoor or outdoor use. The Tuffcover surface is scratch resistant, can be cleaned with normal cleaning fluids and will last up to 7 years. The products are available in wood, aluminium,

steel and MDF up to 2400mm x 1200mm.

Using dye-based inks, images and artworks are transferred into a specially-coated surface using heat and pressure. The ink is

embedded into the coating on the solid surface. The display panels can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Wilhelm Imaging Research, the world’s leading authority on Print Permanence, carried out extensive testing

on Tuffcover Embed panels.  With unprecedented resistance to surface abrasion, high humidity, atmospheric ozone, and contact with water, Tuffcover Embed prints available in sizes up to 8x4 feet can be safely displayed without the need for framing under glass or acrylic, face-mounting, or surface laminating and will last 7 years in normal indoor and outdoor environments.

Images indicative of Tuffcover Embed product usage and application.


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