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Raytheon Company is a technology and innovation leader specialising in defence, national security, and other government and commercial markets around the world. Key markets include Mission Systems Integration, Network-Enabled Capabilities, Mission Support and Global Training Solutions.

Working with Raytheon’s design and project management agency Leo Associates Ltd, Displayways has produced and installed giant media to dress air show chalets and exhibitions. When it comes to producing giant graphics the only limitation is the designers imagination, utilising the latest grand format print technologies almost anything can be achieved these days from wrapping entire buildings to printing materials that will adhere to existing brick walls.

John Smith, Managing Director of Leo Associates Ltd said, “Giant media is a great way to get a message across and at the same time dress large areas that may be unsightly. There are many solutions these days such as vinyl banner materials, self-adhesive vinyl’s, fabrics, digitally printed wallpaper, printing directly to mesh and many more. From a design point of view we know what we want to achieve, we brief Displayways and they do the rest for us”.

Images courtesy of Leo Associates

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