Displayways has recently been involved in the production of large format image displays for use in various Prada stores. When it comes to high quality fashion Prada is an undoubted leader and as such require the very best quality image production solutions and installation.

Displayways has produced and fitted digital photographic murals, backlit display graphics and various other forms of large format display imagery.

Peter Sheldrick, Director of Displayways said, "We are privileged to work for such a high profile brand and are proud to be able to supply the high quality imagery that Prada require, the imagery simply looks stunning in store. We spent some time testing and inventing a new way to print the large backlit graphics by process of separating layers in the file and printing multilayers including white to improve the vibrancy of the images. We now call it the Prada print method! Prada are a delight to work with and we look forward to supporting them for their display solutions in the future."

Images courtesy of Prada

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